Collection: Bike tools

We all run out of talent at some point. Sometimes we watch a bit too much Hardline and head out with a misplaced sense of confidence, other times we let ourselves get talked into hitting that jump 'for the gram' and come up a bit short. And sometimes the trees just jump out in front of you. Whatever the cause, accidents happen and bikes need fixing.

Thankfully Neutron Components have your back with the Oh Sh!t Kit; their onboard multitool stashes safely into your handlebars, ready for when you need it most. Choose from the either the basic multitool - which includes a full set of allen keys, spoke wrenches, bottle opener and tyre lever - or the complete kit which adds in a chain breaker. Throw it in your handlebars, then go smash those trails knowing that when things go wrong you can get your bike fixed up and ready to roll.