Collection: Bike parks

Miniature versions of your favourite bike park, individually carved out of native timber.

All of our models started life as a classic topo map before being digitised, converted into a 3D model, scaled and tweaked by our pack of bike-mad engineers, before being turned into a series of toolpaths ready to send to our machine. From there our CNC router will follow as many as 800,000 lines of code to individually carve each bike park from sustainably-sourced slabs of native wood. Finally, each model is inspected, hand-sanded, oiled, and packed up by our team before being sent out to customers all around New Zealand. She's a pretty big job, but we reckon it's worth it.

We've started out with a handful of the parks that we love to ride and are constantly working to expand our range - as you can see though, it's a bit of a process! If you've got a favourite trail network that's not currently available then feel free to drop us a message, we love chatting bikes and are always open to suggestions or one-offs.