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Port Hills

Port Hills

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It's hard to pick a favourite trail in Christchurch, so we've included all of them - Vic, CAP, Godley Head, and the Quarry. Whether you're planning out a new route or trying to explain to your significant other just how big your weekend ride was, these 3D wood carvings will bring your favourite trails to life.

All models are individually made in Christchurch from sustainably salvaged timber, and finished in oil to really make that grain pop.

Size: 100mm diameter x 19mm tall

*Note that supply of furniture-grade native timber has become increasingly scarse across the country so we have started using a combination of native and high-grade exotic timbers. We guarantee that these models still look great (we're not using dirty old pine) but if there's a particular timber species that you just have to have then drop us a message and we'll see what we can do!

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