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First aid refill kit

First aid refill kit

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While we all hope that your Ultralight First Aid Kit is purely decorative, the reality is that things go wrong from time to time. Maybe your trail dog stopped in front of you, or maybe that gap jump you were guinea-pigging could've been a little bit more forgiving. Whatever the cause, if you've had to dip into your first aid kit for a quick trail-side repair, this refill kit will get you fully resupplied and ready to push the limits again.

This refill kit contains all of the consumables needed to restock your Ultralight First Aid Kit:

  • 5 wound closures
  • 1 small dressing
  • 1 medium dress
  • 2m duct tape
  • 1 CPR barrier shield
  • 2 alcohol wipes
  • 2 plasters
  • 2 nitrile gloves

If you're wanting to go really bare-bones, this pack can also work as a standalone patch-up kit. We recommend you print out our quick-reference guide to take along.

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