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O.S.K - minor blemishes

O.S.K - minor blemishes

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This O.S.K was returned by a customer after finding it would not fit their bike. It's in near-new condition and includes all mounting parts, but may have some marks from installation. This is your chance to pick up an Oh Sh!t Kit for a massively reduced price!


The ultimate EDC multitool - just bang it in your bars and you're set to shred!

Designed as a ‘get-you-home’ tool set, the Oh Sh!t Kit with its patent-pending design combines durability with versatility. We’ve included all the essentials you’ll need out on the trail, but used standard-sized drivers so you can customise to your heart’s content. The rugged steel breaker will deal to that rusty chain that you probably should’ve greased a little more often, while the composite frame and bar ends mean that the whole system weighs in at less than 150g. And we know that beer is an essential part of any toolkit, so we’ve included a bottle opener for those really big jobs.

 The Oh Sh!t Kit includes the following tools:

  • Hex drivers: 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm 

  • Torx driver: T25 size

  • Phillips driver: #1 size 

  • Spoke wrench: 3.2, 3.4, 3.6

  • Valve core tool 

  • Tyre Lever

  • Chain breaker

  • Bottle opener


Further specs: 

  • Fits all handlebars with an inside diameter of 19mm or larger

  • Also fits hollow cranks with an ID of 19 - 21mm:

    • The wrench requires 125mm of insertion length

    • The chain breaker requires 62mm of insertion length

  • Standard ¼” driver size

  • Durable composite and cast steel construction


To see whether the O.S.K will fit your bike, check out our installation guide. To find out more about how the O.S.K works, we recommend looking through our O.S.K user guide.

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